Common Roofing Issues To Be Aware Of

Common Roofing Issues To Be Aware Of

As a homeowner, you likely have a lot on your plate when it comes to general maintenance — especially on the exterior of your home. Because of all the intricacies that you must maintain and repair on the exterior of your home, it is important to have a general idea of what kind of damage to look for. In doing so, you might be able to spot damages before they fester and become even more costly over time.

When it comes to no outdoor damages, there are none that can become more costly than a damaged roof that is not repaired within an adequate amount of time. And as your local roofer in the Poconos and Stroudsburg area, we thought that it might be beneficial to discuss some of the more common damages in the hope that someday it helps you identify early roof damages. Continue reading to learn more from your local residential roofing company.

Human Error

Faulty Installation

When you hire a residential roofing company to re-roof your home, you expect a flawless job. After all, you should expect professional work from a professional crew, right? 

Sadly, it is not uncommon for people to hire negligent roofers, resulting in a damaged roof soon after the installation. One of the most common signs of a poorly installed roof is to notice loose or drooping shingles shortly after installation. 

Improper Roof Maintenance

As a homeowner, you might be asking yourself “How can I maintain my roof?” — and that’s a good question. Roof maintenance is extremely easy, yet hardly any homeowners practice regular maintenance. To extend the longevity of your roof’s life, simply clean the gutters often and remove any debris that might accumulate — yes, it really is that easy. 

Environmental Damages


If you notice that animals are spending more time on your roof near ventilation points, it could be a sign that you have roofing damages. And if you have roofing damage from animals, you likely have an infestation in your attic. Check and seal off potential entry points to prevent animal-cause damages. 

Punctures & Penetrations

Punctures and penetrations are rather uncommon roofing damages, but when they happen, they have the potential to cause a lot of damage. Commonly caused by branches, hail, and other falling objects, punctures and penetrations are often easy to diagnose. 

To catch damages quickly, take a quick look at your roof after severe weather events to see if there is any debris on your roof. If there is, consider checking out the attic to see if there is any visual sign of leaking. 

Shrinkage & Blistering

Shrinking is a damage that occurs when fluctuating temperatures shrinks the roof membrane (under the shingles), creating disruption and cracking on the surface. Blistering refers to the shifting, bridging, splitting, and general wear that can damage the shingle-layer of your roof. A quick visual inspection can diagnose both damages. 

Notice An Issue With You Roof? Schedule An Inspection!

When you notice damages to your roof, whether it be big or small, it is important to get in touch with a local roofer to schedule an inspection — because you want to catch the issue before it becomes an even bigger and more expensive to fix.

So if you notice damages to your Poconos or Stroudsburg-area home’s roof, we urge you to schedule a roof inspection right away. Contact us today for more information.

What Roofing Damages Are You Worried About?

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