It is starting to cool off in the Stroudsburg and Poconos area, meaning winter is on its way. Being in the New England area, we can expect rather harsh winters — making it extremely important to inspect the exterior of your home for damages. In our last couple of blogs we have discussed what to look for when inspecting your roof and your gutters, but today we will be discussing a different aspect of your home’s exterior — your vinyl siding.

Siding is one of the most important parts of a home’s exterior, as it is essentially the outermost protective layer of your home. Much like how you might put a jacket on in the winter to avoid frostbite, your home protects itself from the elements with its siding. Continue reading to learn about what to look for when inspecting your home’s siding, after all, if your home needs a vinyl siding replacement, it might be wise to get it done sooner than later.

Inspecting Your Vinyl Siding — Tips From Your Siding Contractors

As we mentioned above, your siding is your home’s protection from the elements, so it is imperative to make sure that there are no damages to your siding. Otherwise, you could be looking at some serious damages come springtime. Below, we have listed some of the most common damages that you should be keeping an eye out for when inspecting your home.

Holes – Holes are not a common damage to vinyl siding, but we would be lying if we had said that we have never seen it happen before. Holes can occur from objects being blown into your home, branches falling, or extreme hail. If you have a hole in your siding it might be time to get a vinyl siding replacement — for that one particular section at least.

Cracks – Cracks, unlike holes, are quite common. Cracks usually develop in the vinyl siding when it has not been replaced in quite some time. Vinyl is known to expand when heated and shrink when cooled, so after multiple years, your vinyl might be susceptible to cracking. If you notice cracking, get in touch with us at Nice Shingles Roofing & Exteriors and ask us about our siding repair services.

Gaps – Vinyl, just like wood, is susceptible to warping after long periods of time. Luckily, minor warping is not a huge concern. If a nested plank has lifted off of the plank below it minimally, it can simply be fixed with a small amount of caulking, but if it is more serious, it might be time for you to consider vinyl siding replacement.

Is Your Siding Damaged? Call Us!

If you notice that your siding is damaged before the upcoming winter months, we urge you to contact us at Nice shingles Roofing & Exteriors, your source of siding repair and vinyl siding replacement in the Stroudsburg and Poconos areas. If you think that you might need our siding services, reach out to us and request a free quote! We would be happy to give you a better idea of the costs that you may be dealing with!

We look forward to helping you prepare your home for winter!

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