Roofing is one of the more interesting construction issues in residential communities. For most people, the saying “out of sight, out of mind” applies extremely well to their relationship with their roof. At Nice Shingles Roofing & Exteriors, we understand how the quality of your roof can often slip your mind, being why in today’s blog we will be speaking about a few things that you might want to consider as we transition to spring a few short months.

Continue reading to get a couple of tips from your local Stroudsburg and Pocono’s-area residential roofing company.

Be Weary Of The Weather

During the transition from winter to spring our area tends to see some interesting weather. I can snow one day, hail the nex, and rain the day after that. Because of these unpredictable storms, it is important to keep an eye out on the performance of your roof.

During the winter, there are a number of damages that can be made to the structure of your roof. Hail is the most notorious roof-killer, but there are a number of different damages that your home might experience. One of the least common, but still possible, issues that can occur with your roof is a puncture from a falling object or an ice dam.

Roof Puncture – Among the most common objects that fall on homes are large branches from neighboring trees. But how does this happen? In the northeastern United States snow falls a little heavier than other regions — meaning that branches become weighed down, often resulting in the branch falling. Additionally, branches have been known to fall as a result of the moisture inside of them repeatedly freezing and melting.  

Ice Dams – Ice dams can be incredibly damaging to your residential roof — and we aren’t the only residential roofing company that will tell you this. Luckily, ice dams are incredibly easy to prevent — if you clean your gutters that is. An ice dam occurs when your roof’s gutters become clogged, resulting in the gutter repeatedly overflowing and freezing. As the water rises it has the potential to get under the shingles, only presenting itself as an issue when it melts in the spring.

If your home is damaged, or even if you suspect that it has been damaged, we urge you to get in touch with us at Nice Shingles Roofing & Exteriors to request a roof inspection and free quote. Because if you wait too long, the damages can become greater!

Be Weary Of Roofing Scams

Sure, it might seem counterintuitive for a roofing company to tell you to be wary of residential roofing companies in the spring, but sadly people all over the company are scammed as the spring approaches. Essentially, whenever there is an extreme weather event, or if there have been a large number of weather events in recent history, some roofing contractors will try to convince people they need a roof replacement — when in reality, their roof is fine.

To avoid being scammed, consider contacting an accredited roofer such as ourselves, here at Nice Shingles Roofing & Construction. In fact, if a door to door salesman comes to your home and claims that you need a roof replacement, we urge you to contact us right away. We will send one of our experienced roofing professionals to your home to conduct a roof inspection — and if you do not need one, we will tell you. One of the best ways to tell if a residential roofing company is good is to check for positive reviews — because only satisfied customers leave reviews!

At Nice Shingles roofing & Exteriors we are all about transparency, being why customers leave us reviews like the following one from Tammy D.

“They gave us the best price for a lifetime roof and did the work in the timeframe given. Excellent roofing company!” (5-Star Review)

Thank you for the kind words, Tammy. It is always nice to hear that our clients are happy with our work. Let us know if there is anything else that you need.

While we are known for being hired with the intent of installing, or repairing, a roof, we are more than happy to come to perform a roofing inspection to validate someone’s claim that a new roof is needed, or to leave you with peace of mind knowing that your roof is fine.

Contact Us Today For Your Spring Roofing Needs

Whether you know your roof needs repair, suspect it might, or think you might be targeted in a scam, get in touch with us at Nice Shingles Roofing & Exteriors — your local residential roofing professionals in the Stroudsburg and Pocono’s areas.

We look forward to helping you with your next roof inspection, roof repair, or roof replacement, and will do so quickly and efficiently so you regain peace of mind knowing that your home is well-protected from the elements. Contact us today to schedule an inspection or to request a quote.

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