When severe weather rips through a community, residential roofing companies with no integrity seem to come out of the woodwork — going door to door telling people that they need a roof replacement when they really do not.

As a roofing contractor in Stroudsburg and Pocono’s areas, Nice Shingles Roofing & Exteriors, we know a thing or two about diagnosing if a roof needs to be replaced or repaired. We also know that in order to do so you have to physically inspect the roof — it is not something that can be diagnosed from the sidewalk.

In an effort to protect homeowners from roofers looking to make a quick buck, we have made a list of some basic things that you can look for to determine if your roof is damaged to the point of no repair. Additionally, you can avoid unnecessary costs by contacting our team of roof repair professionals and asking for a roofing inspection and a repair or replacement estimate.

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Hail Damage

Like we said, when a severe storm rips through an area, roofers hit the streets — and hail storms are the most common cause of roof damage. That being said, they might not mandate a full roof replacement.

What To Look For

Roofing damages caused by hail usually become visually apparent in three different ways — bruising, cracking, and granule loss. Bruised shingles will appear to have indentations that have clearly been caused by hail. Cracking is usually identified when a roofing inspection has been performed, being that the cracks can be very subtle. Lastly, the loss of granules might be the easiest hail damage to spot — as the shingles will appear discolored and brittle.

What To Do

If you notice bruised, cracked, or discolored shingles after a severe hail storm, it is important to contact a local roofer (other than the one that has come to your door telling you that you need a roof replacement) for an inspection and estimate.

Wind Damage

Wind damage is extremely common here in the Northeast United States, especially in the winter. That being said, it usually takes sustained winds of over 50 miles per hour to even create a situation where wind damage is possible.

What To Look For

Wind damage might be one of the few damages that can be identified from the ground below, but if you notice something irregular from the ground, it may warrant a closer look. When looking for wind damage, be sure to look at the outermost shingles on the roof, being that the edge of the roof is likely where the wind will grab hold of, of finding its way underneath the shingles.

What To Do

If you suspect that your roof has sustained wind damage, we urge you to contact our roofing team today. Roofing damages from wind are usually not severe, but if repairs are not made in a timely manner, damages can become severe.

Tree Damages

It is pretty easy to imagine the damage that a tree, or even just a single branch, can inflict on your residential roof. Tree damages usually occur after severe weather events, or if a tree has not properly been taken care of.

What To Look For

Tree damages are rather obvious. In most cases there will be debris scattered around the area of impact, or the tree itself will still be laying on the roof. If the tree or debris is present, you might be able to identify damages like cracks, dents, and punctures in the shingles from afar.

What To Do

Contact our residential roofing company right away. Tree damages are usually more severe and should be repaired before the next weather event to ensure damages are not made worse.

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