At Nice Shingles Roofing & Exteriors, we are often asked if seamless gutters are all that they are hyped up to be. And oftentimes, that question is often followed up by “also, what are seamless gutters?” or “what makes them different than the gutters that I have on my house right now?”

At Nice Shingles Roofing & Exteriors, we are the premier seamless gutter installation specialists in the Pocono’s and Stroudsburg areas, and in today’s blog post, we are going to do our best to answer all of your questions about seamless gutters.

What Are Seamless Gutters?

If you are unsure of what a seamless gutter is, rest assured that you are not alone. While most people do not know the difference between seamless gutters and traditional gutters, the answer is actually pretty simple — and you guessed correctly, it has to do with the seams, or lack thereof, that is.

Traditional gutter systems are comprised of a series of pre-cut gutter sections that are pieced together to span from corner to corner of your roof. Seamless gutters, however, will only have seams on the corners where different gutters from different sides of the roof meet.

Seamless gutters are a custom gutter solution that can only be installed by a team of gutter installation specialists such as ourselves. Each section of gutter is cut on-site — meaning that each section is cut specifically to meet the unique measurements of your roof.

Why Would You Want Seamless Gutters?

As a gutter contractor, our first thought when asked about the benefits of upgrading to seamless gutters is durability. Traditional gutters, while exceptional when new, quickly degrade over time. Additionally, the presence of seams allows for potential future damages like falling branches or high winds to loosen the seals in the seams, thus causing leaking and ineffective drainage.

Seamless gutters are a long term investment, meaning that when you schedule a seamless gutter installation, you can rest easy knowing that you likely will not have to do so again for 23-30 years. Additionally, since seamless gutters will be custom cut to fit your home by our gutter installation team, you can rest easy knowing that your gutter fit your home perfectly.

Are Seamless Gutters Really Worth It?

Whenever we have a potential customer request an estimate for seamless gutter installation for their home, they always seem to ask up if it is really worth it — and at Nice Shingles Roofing & Exteriors, we always reply with the same answer. Yes!

Seamless gutters are an incredible asset to any home and we fully believe that you will notice the difference once they are installed. That being said, the real question you should be asking yourself isn’t “do I need them?” it’s “do I need them now?”

If you have recently had traditional gutters installed you may not need seamless gutters for some time. That being said, when you do need new gutters, we urge you to consider getting in touch with us to talk about seamless gutters.

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